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The Broadway Bullies - Lunch Money
2 Panel Jewel Case CD
Limited Run

The Broadway Bullies are back with their highly anticipated release Lunch Money. The album which was co-produced by the likes of Mike Plotnikoff, Igor Khoroshev and the Bullies themselves proves to further showcase the band as seriously talented and confident song writers, multi instrumentalists and diverse recording artists. The Bullies have spent years developing their own unique sound which has been clearly captured throughout the 7 tracks on the release. For fans of classic, hard and urban inspired Rock n Roll get yourself some "Lunch Money"!

1.DATF 05:15
2.Headlights 04:42
3.Screwdriver 04:03
4.What It Seems 03:26
5.Palm Trees 03:39
6.[Interlude] 00:28
7.Lemonade 04:36

Vocals/Percussion: Angus Boynton McNeilly
Guitar: Christo Paulson
Bass: Zach "Jimmylegs" O'Reilly
Drums: Mason Amlee
Produced by Christo Paulson and Igor Khoroshev
Mixed by Mike Plotnikoff
Mastered by Peter Stengaard
Photos by Robert Downs
Artwork/Layout by MIKE