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Kool Keith - El Dorado Driven
2 Panel Eco-Sleeve CD
1st Run

Teddy Bass Presents : Kool Keith - El Dorado Driven is an audio Warhol address on the state of affairs in the world. With it's modeling synthesizers, traditional super funk instruments and an oscillating magnetic field, the classically innovative album by Kool Keith & Teddy Bass comes directly to you from the red planet sprinkled with a diamond cut architecture.

1.Cruise Control 02:30
2.Woman You The Best 04:02
3.New York Outfit Feat. Sadat X, Thirstin Howl The 3rd 03:21
4.Out There 06:01
5.Walk On Water Feat. Lord Diamonds, Michael Rushden 04:43
6.Boss To The Banger 03:48
7.Rubdown 04:15
8.Back To The Basics 04:58
9.Superbowl Ring 03:46
10.Muscles 05:01
11.Pink Juice 02:15
12.Want This Feat. Denis Deft 03:36
13.Sport That 04:18
14.Up Into Space 04:25
15.Axiom 03:30
16.Cobra Out 01:29

Produced by: Teddy Bass & Kool Keith
Artwork by: MIKE
Mixed at: Castlerock Studios
Cuts by: Weezl
Mastered at: Threshold Recordings